El Faro

El Faro Spanish Restaurant & Tapas Bar is a Spanish inspired restaurant and tapas bar with an intimate and rather eclectic atmosphere.

Whether it is a quick pre theatre meal, a romantic dinner or letting your hair down, you will love the mojitos caipirinhas sangria Spanish wines and beer. El Faro receives accolades for its sumptuous green lip mussel pots organic beef and vegetarian dishes. Find us down the end of the cobblestone lane.

El Faro History

Are you wondering where tapas originated?

Tapas" is castellano for "lid" and it is probable that tapas came about as a result of king Felipe the 3rd introducing a law in an attempt to curb the increasing levels of alcohol abuse in Spain.The law stated that when one purchased a drink (typically from a tavern, called "taverna" in Spain), the bartender was to place over the mouth of the mug or goblet a cover or lid containing some small quantity of food as part of the purchase of the beverage.The client was to consume the food before he or she was allowed to remove the lid and consume the beverage. In this way there was an immediate effect in the reduction of violent brawling and destructive behaviour that tended to result from people getting too drunk far too quickly.It did not reduce the excessive alcohol consumption so much as slow it down and was intended to reduce the social harm that was occurring.

El Faro Spanish Restaurant and Tapas Bar has a private airconditioned dining room that can be used rent free with set menus available from $45 per head.The private dining room is available for private parties and corporate functions and events. Please contact us to make a booking.

As seen in the Herald