The Paddock

The Paddock,is the latest addition to & Elliott Stables is serving up the hearty and flavoursome British 
and Irish dishes.

Head in here for a traditional scotch egg ,a perfect snack or starter ,mouth watering homemade pies 
with various fillings or a chip butty. 

Other must -tries includes Beef Wellington ,Flank Steak ,Chicken Waffles and Pork Lion.If you it hard to choose
one thing,go for The Paddock's dinner platters to eliminate decision anxiety and get a taste of range of dishes.

The Paddock is also home to the modern Sunday roast.Try yours with the traditional duck fat potatoes,which 
is another staple of our eatery.

To complete your feast ,The Paddock offers some scrumptious desserts.You can't go wrong with the classic
chocolate brownie and vanilla ice cream.