Booking a table for a group@The Stables


We welcome group bookings for large groups numbers close to 10 or more and we are happy to discuss with you your needs.

Please contact the manager at for any enquiry.

Thanks for such a great response from you all !!

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21 thoughts on “Booking a table for a group@The Stables

  1. Hi, was wondering if I could make a reservation for 25-30ish people on Sunday the 21st of April? If so how do I do so and who do I get in contact with?

  2. Can we book a table for 8 persons Sunday the 12 th of may at 545. We will be gone by 7 pm ( we have kids) june

  3. Hi there, I’m wanting to book a table for 20 people on Saturday July 13th at 20:30, and was wondering if that’s possible?
    Thanks, Rachael

  4. Hi – can you please confirm the opening times for samurai sushi. went today at around 10.30 but they were shut. The website says open from 10am – 3pm on Saturdays if I am reading it correctly. Many thanks

  5. How does it work in terms of paying one bill if we were to make a group booking (35) for a staff function?

  6. Hi there,

    Is there an opening for ~20 people on the 17th, 18th or 19th of October from 6pm -9ish? And is this booking flexible? – not quite sure how many people are coming as of yet.

    Thanks :)

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