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You'll find the glowing light of Bao Baby Bao at the end of a very scrumptious smelling tunnel. Red bricks overlaid with pop art prints frame the walls of the restaurant, telling of its personality. A giant POW painted across the wall is indicative to the sort of food you should expect. The big WOW next to it seals it fate further.

Your order will be taken by staff that are so passionate about their food that they literally recommend everything on the menu. If you can't physically eat everything, the Bao Belly Bao ($9) is all that you'd want in a bao, and more. Say goodbye to soggy bread with undercooked crackling; this bao is the real bae. Elsewhere on the inventive menu, the Angry Bird bao is led by fried soft shell crab and the Philly Cheesesteak comes with shaved wagyu doused in cheese sauce and black bean mayo. For dessert there are deep-fried ice cream bao sandwiches including green tea, coffee and fried ice cream.

If you're after some vegetables to compliment your meal, the eggplant, capsicum and potato is guaranteed to be a success. Or if you're looking to satisfy a dumpling craving deep within your soul, or perhaps you have a burning desire for noodles, Bao Baby Bao has got you covered in that department, too.

Next time you're in the mood for a little Chinese fusion just click your heels together and whisper, "There's no place like home." You'll soon find yourself in front of a large plate of dumplings, with a mouthful of bao and a heart that is happy to be back home at Bao Baby Bao.

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