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Ela cuisine started a the joint venture of two humongous food-loving families who pioneered their own style of cooking based on the spices of Travancore and fresh leaves.

Chef George's orientation to any street or suburb is just on the basis of the availability of food. It is hard to extract a memory from George, where food was not involved. The zeal for food was such that George started running his family run restaurant at the age of 15. After gaining the hotel management degree, he went on to complete his Masters in Business Administration. George is now a qualified chef who has worked in India, Kuwait and New Zealand for the past 10 years.

The ambition to own a restaurant in New Zealand fell into place when George met a major foodie, Johnson, a trained IT professional, whose passion remained sourcing good food and watching movies. Johnson always found an excuse to start cooking, the moment he was free from his routine and shared his culinary creations with his friends.   After helping us set up the restaurant and the arrival of our second chef Daniel, Johnson has moved on.

Ela cuisine welcomed Daniel Moses, chef of Shangrila, Sydney to their midst in April 2013. He has worked only in five star hotels across the globe in Seychelles, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Australia.  The trendy concepts of presenting Kerala cuisine along with a fusion of mediterreanean style was brought into Auckland by our new chef. Daniel specialises in grilled food along with appetising sauces and dips. Daniel has returned to Australia at the end of 2013.
The concept and design of Ela cuisine is by the spouses of the founders of Ela, two health professionals, who actively researched the medicinal values of Indo Mediterranean spices and the use of fresh herbs.

What's Available?

    Lunch & Dinner at the restaurant
    Payment – Eftpos, Visa, Mastercard, American Express
    Reservations taken via phone call
    Price range- $15- $25

Coming soon

    Alcoholic drinks
    Weekend Brunches - Vegetarian & Non Vegetarian
    Catering for small Groups
    Happy hours concessions on drinks