Group dining always presents unique challenges - from allergies, dietary requirements, to the dreaded picky eater. No matter the occasion, eating out with large groups of friends, family or co-workers ought to be a stress-free event. Eliminate stress by choosing a dining option that best fits your group.

Tapas have grown in popularity in recent years, and are Spanish style appetisers built for sharing. Commonly bite-sized treats and dishes, there are many different tapas options. This is a great option for groups wanting to try a little bit of everything, and don’t mind exploring different pallets. While some tapas restaurants do offer dishes for different dietary requirements, most dishes involve meat or dairy.

Individual Plates
Individual plates are the go-to for fussy eaters or groups with lots of different dietary needs. Most restaurants offer individual plates, with a variety of options. These are best for when you are looking for a larger meal and don’t mind eating just one dish.

Shared Platters
Shared platters are similar to tapas in that they are built to be shared. Described as the perfect way to try a piece of everything, shared plates eliminate food-envy amongst your group. Shared plates bring together the stand out nibbles of the restaurant or cuisine and are perfect for a light meal. Unlike tapas, which are just Spanish cuisine, shared plates vary in type and origin, making for a unique experience. Due to the nature of the dishes, it is important to get everyone on board with the dish choosing and consider whether they are vegan, gluten-free or dairy-free friendly to make sure everyone in the group goes home happy!

Ordering ‘for the table’
One of the best alternatives to shared platters is ‘ordering for the table’. Consider getting group input on a salad to share, or a pizza to split alongside other dishes. By sharing larger dishes, you can cut down on cost, while also giving everyone the opportunity to try a variety of things. Like tapas and shared platters are perfect for those craving a light meal, ordering for the table carries similar benefits whilst catering for larger appetites. 

Group dining is a great opportunity to spend time with loved ones, and experiment with different food options. When planning your next outing, consider these different types of menus for a meal no one will complain over.