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Specialising in savoury galettes and sweet crepes as well as classical French cuisine, Le Paris hopes to transport you into a bistro on the glorious Champs-Elysées as you savour some of our authentic French delicacies.

We aim to use some of New Zealand's best ingredients to recreate traditional recipes as well as utilising some of the best French produce ranging from cheeses to snails in order to provide a genuine taste of France on a plate with a Kiwi touch.

Our head chef Christophe has over 20 years satisfying both French and Kiwi palates, ensuring recipes are true to tradition; accompanied by a young patisserie chef trying to make a name for himself through his beautiful creations.

We are very proud of our heritage and hope we can expose to Kiwis how wonderfully delicious French cuisine can be, so whether it's for a Coq au Vin or just for a sweet crepe and a coffee, come enjoy a taste of Paris right here in Auckland city.

Merci et bon appétit!