The Elliott Stables building was designed by Thomas Mahoney and built in 1910 on the corner of Wellesley and Elliott Streets, as a warehouse for Archibald Clark and Sons, a firm of warehousemen and manufacturers. Clarke was the first Mayor of Auckland, and also represented Auckland City constituencies in the House of Representatives from 1860 to 1870 and the Franklin seat from 1871 to 1874.
Archibald Clark and Sons ceased trading in 1928.



The building was bought by T&G (the Temperance and General Mutual Life Assurance Society) for its Auckland Branch. About £31,000 was spent remodelling the building during which time the tower (said to be symbolic of strength, and a distinctive feature of the Society’s buildings) was added. Two floors were occupied by T&G, the remainder being leased as shops and office space. Architects for the remodelling are believed to have been a Wellington firm Mitchell and Mitchell.


The Edwardian warehouse building is in Renaissance style.  The building’s Elliot Street base course is Timaru Basalt, and the foyer facing panels are Whangarei “marble” (Hayward). In 1975 -1976 the T&G Building was under threat of demolition if a rapid-rail system, under discussion at the time, eventuated.

(Reference: NZHPT)